Expert Predictions for Fix & Flipping in 2023

Trends, Challenges & Insights from 2022’s Top Real Estate Investors

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Fast fix-and-flip renovations

Prepare for a profitable 2023. 

Success is not just about the current housing market. It’s also about your mindset, behaviors, and approach to growing your fix-and-flip business.

Stoa recently surveyed more than 100 of the top real estate investors in the US about their habits, experiences with fix-and-flipping in 2022, and plans and predictions for 2023. This first-of-its-kind research reveals what sets the most successful fix-and-flip leaders apart and what you can do differently to join them. Registrants will get early access to the report.


What You'll Learn

What 2022’s most successful real estate investors have in common

The biggest challenges investors expect to face in 2023

Trends investors expect to see in 2023

Meet Your Speakers

Brittany Bell

Brittany Bell

Managing Director, Bell Acquisitions
Arthur Kirakosyan

Arthur Kirakosyan

Founder, First Mill
Brett Berry

Brett Berry

Director, Pricing Operations, Stoa
Emma Humphrey

Emma Humphrey

Demand Marketing Manager, Stoa

Learn how the best of the best investors are approaching success and scale in 2023.


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