The 2023 Fix-and-Flip Success Report

How the Best-of-the-Best Real Estate Investors Plan to Win in 2023

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What's Inside

Stoa recently surveyed more than 100 of the top real estate investors in the U.S. about their habits, experiences with fix-and-flipping in 2022, and plans and predictions for 2023.

This first-of-its-kind research reveals what sets the most successful fix-and-flip leaders apart and what you can do differently to join them.



What You’ll Learn


Fix-and-flip success is dependent on more than just what’s happening in the industry (although that’s certainly a part of it). That’s why we asked investors everything from what real estate investing success actually looks like …

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… To how they overcame fix-and-flip challenges.

We even break down the characteristics of real estate investors with the highest ROI. But for that, you’ll need to download your free copy of this report.


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